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Library Progress(International)( Library Science)(Started in 1981)
Year : 2023, Volume & Issue : LIB PRO. 43(1), JAN-JUN 2023
Page No. : 39-45, Article Type : Original Aticle
Article DOI : 10.48165/bpas.2023.43.1.5

Jumping the Gun: Relevance of Past Questions Paper

1Friday Joseph Umuerhi* and 2Lucky Oghenetega Urhiewhu
Author’s Affiliation : 1Circulation Librarian, Novena University Ogume, Delta State [email protected] 2University Library, Dennis Osadebaye University, Asaba, Delta State [email protected] and [email protected]

Corresponding Author : Lucky Oghenetega Urhiewhu, University Library, Dennis Osadebaye University, Asaba, Delta State ,
E-Mail:-[email protected]


This study examined the use of past examination question papers (PEQPs) among students and their overall recall rate during examinations. It employed the descriptive survey research design and used all the 255 undergraduate students who visit the library in Private Universities such as  Novena University Library Ogume, Western Delta University, Oghara, Michael and Cecilia Ibru University,  Library, Agbrha -Otor James Hope University, Edwin Clak University  Library, Kaigbodo; Sports University , Library Idumuje, Ugboko, Margaret Lawrence University, Umunede Library, and Admirality University of Nigeria,  Library Ibusa Ugwashi-Uku for PEQPs. Data for the study were collected in two phases over a period of two academic semesters with the first phase focusing on respondents’ collection of PEQPs, and the second phase requiring them to complete a questionnaire designed to elicit information on why they use PEQPs, what they gain and the overall outcome of their reliance on same. The study found that fresher rely more on (PEQPs), and most students use PEQPs as study guides as against pretesting themselves before an examination, the respondents do not see reliance on PEQPs as a major factor leading to improved academic performance of undergraduate students and this affects their perception of  the effect PEQPs on their overall academic outcome. The study therefore concludes that as important as PEQPs usage seems to be, improper usage of same could be detrimental to the undergraduate users.


Jumping, Gun, Students, Benefit, Past Question and Papers
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